News & Musings

June 2018

When I was asked recently “What are you working on?” and I responded “More old women from cut paper,” I began to wonder if I am in a rut. Then I counted the WOW images and realized that though had completed number 116 last week, I have become much more involved and I’m more interested now than when I started making paper mosaics, and my interest continues to grow.

It grows because I keep finding more wonderful colors and textures and patterns which inspire and beg to be used. But even more engaging are the increasing complexity of the composition and the endless possibilities for solutions. I feel truly now that I’m painting with paper. I do not plan ahead but as I need a color, a shape, a  texture I search for it in my treasured snippets from art magazines. Of course it would be easier to get the exact color by mixing paints instead of hunting through magazines hoping to find it. But a serendipitous finding something that works in an unexpected way is a real challenge —one that I enjoy every day of my life.  Its quirkiness comes almost in spite of me. So I think I’ll be doing ladies for long time until I get bored with them — which seems unlikely in a foreseeable future.

October 2017

Kaviar Forge & Gallery will be showing Ann Stewart’s piece Nichole from the Gamtra Sisters series for “Artists in Our Midst”, which begins October 27 – December 30, 2017. The opening reception will be October 27, 6-8pm during the Frankfort Avenue Trolley

April 2017

It has been almost a year since I got the idea of creating SIBLINGS. 

Since then I have made seven TEFFUBUD sisters, three GAMTRA sisters and four NACIREMA sisters.

This new concept pushes me to develop more complex images. The NACIREMA sisters, (Hint: read it backwards), inspired by a portrait of Donald Trump illustrated in  last November’s Art In America, is a visual statement about presidential politics.  Each woman represents an American state:  Minnie, Minnesota; Dela, Delaware; Flora, Florida and Callie, California. All are  dressed in black and, hidden away in the composition there are upside down American flags. And, as you can see, all have some characteristics of the face  of Trump which literally is under the transforming layers of paper glued over it  to create these sisters.

I will continue to make more siblings as long as I can find inspiration and material, which is pretty easy thanks to my local bookshop and friends for whom I am delighted to recycle their discarded art magazines.

October 2016

Searching through an issue of Art in America for images which I could use in creating cut paper mosaic portraits of Wonderful Old Women, I found an ad for a gallery featuring the work of Jean Dubuffet, depicting a bizarre, even grotesque, old man. Transforming his face, a maze of wrinkles and eyes accentuated by large round glasses, I have created  portraits of seven women, whom I call the “Teffubud  Sisters”,  each of whom embodies characteristics of that original image- a sort of visual  DNA.

I am inspired  to continue my creative wanderings,  seeking progenitors for additional new groups of “Siblings”. Watch my web site.

September 2016

Recently, I decided to consolidate two storage spaces into one. Some friends built a rack in the larger one and I am happy to say that all were safely put into one area.

But, in the process, I found myself overloaded with more than I could store comfortably. The series called MORTAL SIN , MITIGATING VIRTUE needed new homes. So via email I offered an opportunity for people to take a painting, in exchange for a donation to a charity of their choice. I’m happy to say that five of the seven sins are now hanging in good homes and money has been donated to the Home For The Innocents, Bernheim Forest,  Alley Cat, the Kentucky Refugee Ministries, and a group formed to work with inner-city situations in Louisville. ( Anger  and  Pride  were  just too hard  to live  with—they remain in storage).

In addition I have donated works from the series MYTHIC COUPLES to St. Francis Schools for their annual auction.

Images remain on my website. But the real ones are out of storage and into the world.