Painting is my primary  medium. The  development of an image subject/concept and  the formal elements of the work, light, color, texture and composition are inseparable.



Women in Hats – Imaginary women of various ages who wear hats as descriptive identifiers. 

Mortal Sin/Mitigating Virtue – These paintings  depict the prevailing  presence of  sins and possibility of virtue, as defined by Christian theology. I have used color and symbols based on tradition, and have employed androgynous figures to  emphasize the universality of sin and virtue.

Mythic Women Juxtaposed – In any era certain women attain mythic proportions.  These diptychs  explore the relationship between women of Greek mythology and those of our contemporary time.

Nine Muses – These paintings were commissioned for the Bingham Poetry Room in the Ekstrom library at University of Louisville.