“Anderson claimed women as her focus and has stuck with them, deepening her themes while pursuing them in multiple directions and handling both content and style with intelligence and a characteristic lightness of touch.”

Christine Havice, Director of the School of Art, Kent State University

Ann Stewart Andersonsm

The work of Ann Stewart Anderson is characterized by dynamic ambiguity. Whether creating from broken dishes, painting in oils on canvas, or printing a woodcut the images are both witty and profound, creative and traditional, experimental and skilled, archetypal and unique.

Specifically, she chooses to explore the subject of WOMAN.

Inspired by personal experiences as well as mythological and historic stories, with intelligent compassion she creates images of woman, not as an object of desire but as individuals who struggle and triumph in universal and age old dynamics.

Anderson, who has been making art for seven decades, revels in the exploration of various media and the special pleasures of the process of creativity with all its ups and downs. She is a colorist; she loves pattern; she uses traditional and personal symbology; she is inspired by artists of the past and experiences of the present.


In recognition of artistic excellence, Ann Stewart Anderson is the recipient of an Al Smith Fellowship Award from the Kentucky Arts Council, the state arts agency, which is supported by state tax dollars and federal funding from the National Endowment for the Arts.