Paper Mosaics

created from colors, patterns, and iconography snipped from old art magazines.



NOORAM Sisters


The NOORAM SISTERS do not look alike.  But, like many siblings, they have a common ancestor.  The face and torso of the bald maroon man underlies every sister, each of whom bears some of his visual character.

NOBBIR Sisters


My challenge was transforming a lovely anonymous young woman, in a painting titled “Mona Lisa Smile” into Wonderful Old Women; idiosyncratic individuals with identifying personal tastes- while retaining that celebrated original smile.

DEMARF Sisters


As I created the DEMARF Sisters, I kept the frame pretty much intact, using the amorphous portrait area for developing the images of the sisters. Research revealed little about the Kunsthalle or the town of Leoben and nothing about the apparent artist R. Little John, to whom I owe a debt of thanks for the inspiration.



I created the four Nacirema sisters, by applying layers of paper over Peter Saul’s image from Art in America, Nov. 2016, to make a visual expression of the complexities of the American electorate in the wake of the recent Presidential election.

GAMTRA Sisters


An ad for an exhibit of bronze sculpture by Sean Henry underlies the faces of these three sisters and determines some of the mutual characteristics.




In transforming a Jean Dubuffet depiction of a grotesque old man, I have created portraits of seven women, each of whom embodies characteristics of that original image- a sort of visual DNA.



WOW: Wonderful Old Women

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