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Mythic Women Juxtaposed




Hera, wife of Zeus and a powerful goddess was the mother of a daughter, Hebe, whom her father adored. Zeus had a roving eye, and often succumbed to the beauty of mortals, whom he seduced, against the wishes of his wife. On occasion, Hera sent her pet peacocks, with their thousand eyes, to spy on her wayward husband and report his unfaithfulness to her.

Hillary, wife of the President of the United States , Bill, and a strong woman, was the mother of a daughter, Chelsea, whom her father adored. Bill had a roving eye, and from time to time was attracted to women with whom he had sexual liaisons. Though Hillary publicly pretended to ignore these episodes, the ever vigilant media, including a T.V. network which is symbolized by the peacock, kept eyes on Bill's transgressions and reported them to the world.



Diptych, each panel 40" x 24" oil on canvas, 2002
Price: $3500


© 2005 Ann Stewart Anderson
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